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Janet McGinty’s The Smart Money Guide can help you to clarify and understand your financial picture, to make better choices about money and to provide you with some tools to help you get your money working for you instead of you working for money. She does this using what she calls the ESCG™ Code. This guide addresses the four skills of money management and will provide you with a simple framework through which to view your financial picture. With a clear picture of your finances, you’ll be able to identify what you need to focus and work on. The code is simple but powerful. Learning and using it as described will put you in complete control of your finances and give you the tools you’ll need for building wealth.

Janet dealt with high net worth sophisticated investors, seeking her expertise in order to protect their investment portfolio in tempestuous times. She has the ability to analyze asset classes from strategic perspective and guide her clients profitably with lower risk. Personally, Janet reaches out in business and makes friends. Her integrity,warmth and intelligence shines around the world

Shan Saaed, Chief Economist, IQI Global, MalaysiaEconomic and Investment Analyst

Janet posed very creative financial solutions and opportunities. She proposed a transaction during the financial crisis that was ultimately done by PremWatsa. Her signature portfolio construction, shorting bonds and investing in high yield, netted above average returns with lower volatility and an inflation hedge. My only regret is that I didn’t invest more with her.

Firoz Shroff, Real Estate Investor

Janet is the smartest advisor that I ever spoke with. Janet doesn’t think outside the box. She doesn’t know there is a box

Elia Draicchio, Encryption and Security Specialist

The Smart Money Guide

Unlocking the Secret ESCG™ Code

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